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Home Pricing System Details ContactUs Photos Videos In 2008 I had to have surgery. I knew that I would need help with our tent rental business with respect to raising our larger tents or raising tents in the rain. After searching the internet and distributors to find a better way to raise our tents. I was amazed that there was nothing out there to help a small crew to raise the center poles of tents. We decided to do something about that. We invented The Raize it! system to allow one person to raise a 30' or wider Tent and that is exactly what we have accomplished.

I first used this system to raise a 40' X 80' tent with 3 center poles. When setting up the tent for the first time, I raised the center of the three poles, my Raize it! system raised the entire tent. After I had the center pole upright I inserted the number 1 and 3 poles.

This system can lift up to 1000 lbs, when raising large tents like a 40' or 60' or longer I recommend lifting the number 1 pole first and then moving the system over to the number 2 pole. When using this method you can use one hoist but would need an extra Raize it! plate for each pole. By using this order you are not putting excessive stress on the Raize it! Center Pole Lift system.

When raising tents that are wet or when it is raining the Raize it! system can be extremely helpfully. The weight of the tent has double due to water and the center poles are all wet, this system will help you raise even small tents that are almost impossible to lift.

The Raize it! center pole lift system is small and compact it only weighs 20 lbs and can be ordered in 110-120 volt AC electric model. This system is great for small tent companies with a crew of only 1 or 2 people. Set up of our Raize it! system takes only a few minutes and it will raise your center poles in about 90 seconds. Work smarter not harder with the Raize it! tent raising system.
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